Welcome To Our New Website

Over the past several months, Top Tier Sports Ventures and our dedicated team of partners have been hard at work creating our very own website. We have specifically designed our website so that it is simple to navigate, making all of our lacrosse opportunities easy to access. Make sure to check out our Middle School, High School, and Women’s Leagues as well as our Academies, which focus on specific skillsets and lacrosse fundamentals. Our goal is to make sure you, or your daughter, have fun, work hard, improve and compete!

“I am extremely excited to create more opportunities for lacrosse in Indiana.  We have so many talented athletes in this state.  Through watching Indiana High School Lacrosse and Indiana Club teams, I know the potential our players have and I want these players to continue to have fun, learn new skills, and play!”—Top Tier Sports Ventures Director, Erin Abbott

My goal since I started coaching in Indiana 12 years ago has been to provide high quality opportunities for more players to play in Indiana at all levels and ages. Top Tier Sports will help provide that next step in quality level instruction from some of the best coaches in and out of our state at the highest level. Our leagues, clinics, and events will provide kids from beginner to advanced more opportunity to play, develop, and compete. It doesn’t matter your school, town, or club, the programs are geared for the lacrosse player. I look forward to watching the game of lacrosse grow rapidly in the years ahead, and I’m excited for our group to be a part of that.—Top Tier Sports Ventures Director—Nick Esty 

We are eager to launch our leagues and academies this summer (2020).  Our LEAGUE focuses on creating an environment that is fast paced, fun and educational.  It provides an opportunity for lacrosse players who are looking to participate in a recreational league, without the demands of travel.  Our High School and Middle School Leagues will be played on a shortened 6v6 field format, which will create a fast paced game, with lots of touches on the ball for skill development and creativity.  Our Women’s League offers an opportunity for college and post-college aged women 18-30 year old) to continue to play.  Our ACADEMIES are specifically tailored to players’ positions, in order to help them improve in their specific role on the field.  As lacrosse becomes increasingly analytical, players must continue to develop their skill set in their specialized position.  We currently offer a Shooting and Dodging Academy, Draw Academy, and a Defense Academy.  Continue to follow our website, Instagram, and twitter accounts for additional information and the official launch of our CAMPS and TOURNAMENTS.